RMRC Recruit V2 Rebuild Maiden

I rebuilt my RMRC Recruit V2 with a 2206 2300kv motor, tri-blade 5×4.5 prop, Runcam HD V2 camera for flight video and FPV, 2700ma 30C battery, Cricket VTX. My wife and I headed out to my club’s airfield last Sunday. Here’s the flight video

Sunday at the BCRCC airfield

The weather forecast posted the winds for the South Dartmouth Padanaram area as N/NW @10mph. When I got to the airfield at 10am the windsock was just about fully inflated which means the wind is 17mph or higher. My RMRC Mini Recruit packs a lot of thrust and is heavy for a 600mm wing. Here’s the flight video

Maiden Flight of my Strix Nano Goblin

I went out to the BCRCC Airfield in South Dartmouth for a maiden flight of my Strix Nano Goblin, fly my RMRC Mini Recruit with FPV gear, and my RMRC full size Recruit carrying an old GoPro 4. It was windy with 24 mph gusts and the wind was variable. It was fun! The last time I hand launched the Mini Recruit my fingers got all cut up like hotdogs prepared for the barbecue grill. Today, instead of throwing it overhand like a baseball I am launching it by the wing, side arm style, like a a frisbee

I have a larger version of the flying wing, it’s equipped with a Sinopine FPV camera and a GoPro Hero4 for recording the flight video

Last, but not least… The maiden flight of my Strix Nano Goblin. The plan for the flight, see how fast and steep it can climb, do a barrel roll, followed by a hard bank to the field, a roll, and buzz me overhead just before landing

The Nano Goblin is small, fast, agile, and capable of long flight times with a 3200maH 2s battery. I’m test flying it with a Sinopine SD FPV camera. I plan on updating with a RunCam Split Cam Nano 3, and TBS FPV transmitter. This airplane is fun to fly. All I had to do is pull fast on the stick and she shot up on a steep climb, then hard left on the roll stick.. wow. It is fun!

If you live in South Eastern New England and are looking for a great location to fly your model aircraft check out my club. We have slots available for a few more members.

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