Check out the BCRCC Weather Station

Scroll up/down on the right side of the graphic above to view the weather statistics, video cams, and time lapse video

A few of us at BCRCC got together and funded the build of a weather station. Scott built the flagpole style mast, Carlos, John B., Jeff C., and myself built up the weather station. I went with Ambient Weather hardware because they had an API that I can use. The API also allows me to pull data into my own database. At my home I have a MQTT Ticker using the Pimoroni Galactic Unicorn Display and code running on my webserver that presents the weather data to our club members without the need to using the Ambient Weather App on their smartphone. I wrote a Python script that pulls the latest weather metrics from my MySQL database and transmits a MQTT message through Mosquito running on my RPI 3 web server. The RPI 3 host also generates time lapse videos of our flying field and the trail to our field and north side of our parking area.