BCRCC John Nicolaci Float Fly

Video of the 2021 event shot from my GoPro Baseball Cap Cam

The Bristol County Radio Control Club enjoyed a day of fun for model plane enthusiasts in memory of their late member John Nicolaci at Mary’s Pond on Saturday, Aug. 21.

John first acquired use of the pond for himself and other club members 19 years ago, but passed away in 2009. Since then, club members have gathered together for a recreational “float and fly” each year to pay homage to Nicolaci.

John had many model planes over the years, but was perhaps best known for his use of the PBM Mariner. The plane was much bigger than most models, with a wingspan of 14 feet. Family members recalled the time he flew it all the way to Martha’s Vineyard.


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This is what an EWI looks like. The fingering is a cross between a saxophone, recorder, and EWI..